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Siva Smiled

 · Shiva smiled and said, “There is no need for you to do any great austerity. You just come and sit on my lap.” Parvati came and with absolutely no resistance towards him, sat on his left ted Reading Time: 6 mins.

 ·  · Shiva smiled. "I am the One who gives fruits to those who do penance," He said, and he took Her hand and kissed Her, and then He made love to Her. While they were thus engaged, however, Parvati abruptly transformed Shiva into an outcaste Chandala Himself -- whereupon He immediately realized that Matangi was his wife.

Then Shiva smiled and pointed at a butterfly which was flying around. He said, “Focus towards the butterfly and say ‘Shiva Shambho.’” The gnana yogi said, “No, I don’t want to kill the butterfly.” Shiva said, “Try.” The gnana yogi looked at the butterfly and said, “Shiva Shambho.” The butterfly fell ted Reading Time: 4 mins.

 · Lord Shiva smiled at her and advised that she look more carefully, this time with the eye of jnana, knowledge. Then she would see what she is supposed to see. What Kali then saw in Shiva’s heart was her own one is clouded in the .

 ·  · Lord Shiva smiled saying “So, be it.” Ravana was awarded the boon of the Pashupathastra which made him happy. Ravana thereafter felt that Lord Shiva was worthy of worship. Lake Mansarovar. Lake Mansarovar lies near the Kailash Parvat in Tibetan region of China. It was created from the mind of Lord Brahma.

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  1.  ·  · And shiva dadi,had a cup of tea and small chat with her whatever she needed was provided to her also showed her to one of my friend who is an orthopedic doctor and he said now there is no point in treating her it’s too late and her body is not healthy at all to go for surgeries at all but I told her not to worry whatever she ll need will be given to her..”she said.

  2.  ·  · Shiva smiled. "You shall have it soon" He said and vanished. Shilada returned home a happy man, knowing that the Lord would bless him with a very good child. The next day he went to the farm to begin his ploughing, when he found a beautiful baby in the field before his plough. The baby’s skin glowed with a beautiful white : SA Krishnan.

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